Godspell , Content Design

Crucifixion Scene-Conceptualization

This is the original concept that inspired the final result of the crucifixion scene at the end of CCM's production of Godspell. In this order, you hear the sound scape, an "ambient city", which evolves into the "demon cave environment", showing the transformation of those who betrayed Jesus. When Jesus casts off satan to accept her destiny, a thunderstorm is summoned which leads into the crucifixion.

Demon Cave starts @ 00:25.0

Thunderstorm starts @ 01:00.0

Crucifixion starts @ 01:20.00

[This track is a little quiet]

Open Sound Control-Crucifixion Thunderstorm

The lighting designer and I collaborated on and coordinated the crucifixion scene by using Open Sound Control (OSC)  to trigger the Lighting and Thunder in time with music. By using network cues and the OSC protocol in QLab, I would trigger a stack of lighting cues so that the thunder and lighting always  lined up correctly.

Godspell OSC Image.png