Love & Information , Content Design

Preshow Environment Sample

Love & Information played with the idea that technology interrupts the organic structure of relationships in nature. In order to represent this with sound, I chopped up therapeutic meditation music with technological glitches to create the preshow environment. Each glitch occurred around the theatre which also fired a light cue via Open Sound Control (OSC) to flash a fixture in the same location.

Love & Information Preshow

This image details how I was able to achieve the glitch sound in the audio sample above. The glitch sound started out as one cue, which got cut into 8 different parts and paired with a set of pause/start cues, giving the affect that the song was truly stuttering as one could catch blips of the preshow song within the glitch. In each glitch cue stack also contained an network cue using the OSC protocol to fire cue stacks from the lighting console. Each glitch sourced from a different location in the theatre from any one or two out of twenty-one speakers surrounding the audience. 

Final Moment-The Culmination

After almost two hours of berating the audience with evolving electronic noises, this ending cue sequence was created as the final culmination of the show. As chaos ensues, the cast walks onstage, is silhouetted by the show title (here), and the audience witnesses one final barrage of sound as the show comes to its conclusion.

[This track is a VERY loud]

Arguably, this production of Love & Information would not have been executed successfully without the use of Open Sound Control. The preshow environment by itself had over thirty OSC cues, while each of the seven major transitions had anywhere between nine and twelve OSC cues; all of which fired a stack of lighting cues within their main cue list, and within secondary cue lists.

Open Sound Control